Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quotes from a 3 year old

My little boy, Aiden, is 3 years old right now, and everyday, he says something that absolutely cracks me up. So today I wanted to share some of his quotes, and of course, some adorable pictures.

Aiden: (Pointing to an old man in the car parked next to us at walmart) "Who's that? Grandpa?"

Aiden: (Throwing a fit and yelling at his daddy) Me: (Intended for Aiden) "Stop acting like that." Aiden: Yeah Daddy, stop acting like that!"
Aiden: "I need presents. Get Christmas tree please!"

Me: "I love you Aiden bear." Aiden: "I love you Momma bug."
Jacob & I in unison: "FIREWORKS!!!" Aiden: "TRACTOR!!!"

Aiden: (praying) "dear lord, thank you for dad, thank you for mimi's house, thank you for bed, thank you for poopin'. Amen"
Aiden: "I'm Daddy." (Speaking in a deep voice) - "Go to bed, Aiden."

Aiden: (Whining and throwing a fit) Jacob: "What seems to be the problem?" Aiden: "Aiden grouchy!"

=) I love my boy so much. All photos were taken by the lovely Miss Heather Cross from Funday Photography. And for everyone who lives in the Texas area somewhat near or around Fort Worth, she is having a cute baby contest! So show her some love, and check out her Facebook page here! I hope everyone has an amazing rest of the day!


  1. Such a great Age, my boys are now 5 and 7 my wife wrote many of the wonderful things that came out of their mouths into their scrapbooks. they grow up too fast, but they sure are cute while doing it.

  2. Awe what a cutie! kids say the sweetest things :)

  3. Kids crack me up. I have none of my own, but am a hairstylist to I see some at work. They are often some of my most entertaining clients.

  4. Thanks for the kind words!! Your blog is designed just beautifully!!

    Happy Thursday!