Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shoe Sale!

Hey everyone! So sorry I haven't written in awhile. My husband and I have been working like crazy to get our new house painted so that we can start moving in, hopefully that'll happen by the end of this week. I am so excited! Expect to see lots of picture with a huge blog post about my finished house soon =P. Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know that I am running a special for today and tomorrow only. Get a pair of custom glitter ballet flats for only $35 plus shipping!! Originally $45. This is for any size, toddler through adult. Contact me on Etsy, or by email at to start creating your pair today! Be sure to mention this offer. Check out my work for some ideas here:
And here are just SOME of the many glitter color possibilities:

Great chance to get some unique gifts for the Holidays for your friends and family, and at a great price! Have an awesome day guys! =)


  1. Good luck with the move - we've done it nearly 30 times in 42 years of marriage, so have been there, done it all and got the degree - at least we reckon so!

    Saw you on the Etsy Blogging Buddies site, and decided to follow you. Hope you'll return the favour by visiting (where I post about making, mending and creating the toys you can find at We all look forward to meeting you there!

  2. Following from Blogging Buddies on Etsy!
    -Over The Moon Gifts